Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Mangaluru all set to become second animation hub in Karnataka

BANGALORE: Mangaluru will be new hub of animation, visual effects, gaming and comics (AVGC). The Government of Karnataka has confirmed that the coastal city will be become a second animation hub in Karnataka after Bangalore city and drafted a policy for it.

While Bangalore is sounding excellent to hub of animation. Considering its strong IT background, Mangaluru will hold promise from animation companies there showing great potential," said IT-BT minister Priyank Kharge. As per the AVGC policy 2017-22, Kharge said it's looking at strengthening Tier II cities to decrease the pressure on Bangalore’s infrastructure. He said 120 new training centres in Tier II cities will be started in collaboration with private players and the government has assigned a venture fund of Rs 20 crore for AVGC startups.

And also he said that “companies those who are registered in Karnataka state and those carrying original content with national or global reach”. As per this registered companies will get Rs 50 lakh for production grants. A soon as possible other incentives will be announced.

The government of Karnataka also thinking seriously over setting up a centre for excellence on the outskirts of Bengaluru to communicate state-of-the-art education on animation and gaming. It has proposed into talks with the School of Images Gobelins, Paris for an academic partnership. Gobelins, which is ranked No. 1 worldwide, is being connected in by Karnataka for planning the curriculum and designing a programme for AVGC.

“We have already discussed with Gobelins and they are also interested to setup the centre of excellence,” said Minister Priyank Kharge. The department is searching for acres to set up the centre.  Around 20,000 AVGC employs are working in whole Karnataka state. And now the employs number will be increased in next few years.