Monday, 16 October 2017

MAXON announces Cineware for Illustrator

Plugin allows users , to integrate 3D content directly on to Illustrator CC .

FRIEDRICHSDORF, GERMANY – MAXON , a leading developer , in professional 3D modelling, animation, painting and rendering solutions to 4D cinema , has announced its release of Cineware for Illustrator, to everyone’s delight . This is a plugin , which allows any kind of  3D objects , to be added or to be edited directly , within Adobe Illustrator CC , for easy usage .

Cineware for Illustrator , uses the same powerful 3D engines as 4D cinema does . The biggest advantage of Cineware is , users can import any 4D cinema file , tweak and adjust views, lightings , textures , etc , in order to integrate and combine 3D elements with 2D designs or further use 3D elements as templates , while creating vector artwork , in Adobe Illustrator itself , as imagined .

MAXON , from Germany ,  has collaborated with Turbosquid , another leading online source , for acquiring  3D models which in turn , will provide users , who are using Cineware for Illustrator ,              a  “ jump start ” , into the world of third dimensions , with a collection of ready-to-use 3D models , which includes common products like : packaging and other 3D objects  . And, of course , 4D cinema users , can create and share their own customised  3D content for further usage , in Adobe Illustrator.
Motion designers in the past have enjoyed similar privileges of integrating some kind of 4D cinema technology within Adobe After Effects CC ,  since Cineware bridge came into existence in 2013. Cineware for Illustrator offers users ,  even more creativity and power, so that the designers are allowed to adjust anything , according to their convenience  like : object visibility, textures and lighting from within Adobe Illustrator itself . This concept , proves to be a powerful workflow for designers , to visualize product labels as per their imagination , incorporate richer 3D contents on to Illustrator composites, or even arranging 3D elements as guides for forms , perspectives , etc  while creating vector artwork.

“ Cinema 4D , has long offered a fantastic , easy-to-learn toolset , for product visualization and graphic designs , ” says Harald Egel , managing partner at MAXON . “ With Cineware for Illustrator we’re making both  , Cinema 4D toolsets  and 3D in general  , more accessible to designers  and plan to develop this workflow ,  even more in the near future . ”

The features and highlights of Cineware for Adobe Illustrator :

The usage of 3D Objects :  To rotate , position and show/hide individual 3D objects , from any 4D cinema scene, all possible , within Adobe Illustrator itself .
Kinds of materials : Adjusting  colours , its reflection , luminance , transparency  , bumping and colliding objects  directly , within Adobe Illustrator . Users can even apply vector artwork on to the surface of the 3D models .
Cameras: Switching between pre-set cameras or using simplified navigation tools , to choose the preferred viewing angle of the  object .
Lighting : To Enable or disenable light effects  and change their colours , to set the mood and emphasize shapes and sizes  .
Integrate: Adobe Illustrator workflow ,  allows easy removal of the background , by choosing the automatically created alpha map , so that the 3D elements can be re integrated into the existing vector artwork .
Availability : Cineware for Illustrator  , is available at no extra  cost for MacOS and Windows 10 , on the MAXON web site .

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