Saturday, 18 November 2017

Women in Animation , Launches a Courageous Roar ! Art Project

In an open letter , to all the Women in the Animation community , yesterday , President , Marge Dean , had announced , that a new project , on art , is aimed ,  at voicing out against harassment and  solving , gender issues : “ Roar ” , Dean jumped on this chance , to offer WIA and its fan base , an assuring check  and also , recognize all the brave attempt , to all those , coming forward , with their own experiences , to bring about a social change .

Dean , specifically , mentions , in the open letter , which is duly written and has signature of more than 200 women  and even from the non gender conforming , animation industry workers , written like this : “ They gave recognition to the Animation Industry and have got , everyone across the board , to pay attention and look at their policies , behaviors and history . They kicked open the door of silence, that has made room for harassment and beyond. Think about all the people, who will now face even more harassment, because the industry has been put on scanner, by this group of women.”

Due to this serious shift and echoing calls, for some action, WIA, had intended to create a platform for people to express. Thus , Roar, was formed as ,  “ an open call to everyone to create and share a work of arts , that expresses your personal experience and reaction , to gender issues you face . ” Art can be animated, visualized, be verbal or take kind of preferred form. Selective pieces will be chosen, by WIA, which will be displayed, on its online gallery, social channels and at all events. Some more submission info, is available at or you can also email to, roar [at]

“Having your stance and speaking the truth, is the key, to stop all kinds of harassment, in addition to, being at the core of getting women empowered and also take notice of other underrepresented people. We have the smartness and talent; we just require the world, to take notice and hear it.  Some animation folks, are not exactly, good at words. But, as we are all aware, there are a lot of ways, where we can communicate”, that’s how, Dean’s letter concludes. “Kindly, use yours, to tell the whol
e world, what you think and feel, about the challenges, you are facing. Be heard! ”

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