Monday, 18 December 2017

Legend 3D to open 60,000 Square Foot Facility in China

The Company’s fourth location envisions staffing business with up to 600 artists for 3D conversion and other VFX services.

LOS ANGELES : Legend 3D has finalized terms for expanding its base in China to establish newer operations to offer services in support of 3D conversion and VFX projects in Luoyang City which is thought to be the heart of China’s fast growing entertainment technology sector which is in the Henan .
The Target for the opening date of its newest facility is tentatively in spring season.

Legend VP Will Maurer has been offering guidance for developing this chance in the past year. The result of those efforts is a personalized relationship with multiple partners which includes multiple municipal entities for both Luoyang City and Henan Province.

A grand ceremony was hosted by local and regional Chinese authorities which was on 11th December on the same location where Legend China will inaugurate its new 60,000 square foot state of the art facility in a 90-acre space called Luoyang National University Science Park which is a sprawling modern business environment which offers state of the art services for evolving and establishing companies.

The company’s India site in Pune which had opened in October is now fully operational its Luoyang facility is on the anvil in the coming four months. It’s Toronto and Los Angeles studio too is in full swing giving out optimal outputs. Legend’s clients are beneficial as they have an expanded workforce which increases the capability and seamlessly integrates the company’s global talent base.
In China 98 percent of screens across all movie theatres are equipped to show films in 3D format which is the largest such enterprise in the world and also one of the factors which is the reason for motivation.

If the privacy of client IP is to is ensured Legend will replicate the same Tier 1 digital security standard in Luoyang that will be established in its other locations too. This move will interconnect all the other four facilities to provide a safe and efficient global workflow to the protocols needed by all the leading motion picture studios.

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