Thursday, 18 January 2018

Five Things Successful Photographers Don't Do

Every photographer is their own person with their own style and distinct habits, but there are some tendencies of successful photographers that tend to crop up constantly. Here are five things that successful photographers simply don't do.

Coming to you from Darren Miles, this great video explores five important things successful photographers avoid doing or worrying about. Personally, I think he makes great points about turnaround time and impressing other photographers. We live in a culture of quick gratification, and I have noticed a substantial difference in client satisfaction and word of mouth when I've been unexpectedly quick on the turnaround with someone's shots. People are generally excited and feel special to have been in front of a professional's camera, and if you can play into that while the excitement is still strong, you'll strike gold a lot of the time. Similarly, while it's great to ask other photographers for their opinions and advice to improve overall, remember that at the end of the day, it's your client handing you a check. Listen to colleagues you trust, but make sure you're always in tune with your client as well.

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