Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Importance Of Visual Effects

Story telling is an art continuing from times immemorial. Each story has its individual essence that is preserved by the one who passes it on or narrates it. Only if the narrator has the freedom to tell the story with larger than life expressions and imitation will do justice to it.
Visual effects best ows the story teller with this freedom to tell his story his way! Film makers started making use of this technique since early 1900’s to make their imagination come alive.
Almost all Hollywood movies make use of the advanced visual effects techniques available now. The use of visual effects is not only restricted to science fiction or fantasy movies it can very well be made use of in all genres of movies.

Visual effects come handy and are very important when there is one or more than one of the following situations is to be taken care of:

* obscuring certain objects
 * create total virtual set up
 * create or change the back ground
 * add or remove actors or objects
 * project speed changes
 * add or change eye effects
 * build sets that are impossible to be built in real
 * expand the existing set

What makes visual effects important, very important?

Visual effects have empowered a movie maker with all the freedom in the world to successfully convert a story of even his wildest imagination into a movie. There is nothing that can stop a director from directing whatever on earth or beyond that he wishes to.
Visual effects add locations, stunts, sets etc in a movie giving an edge to the movie. More often than not the box office hits are movies that made use of visual effect techniques.
Visual effects though not very cheap are relatively cheaper than their substitute. For instance it would undoubtedly be more expensive to make an actual plane crash for a scene in a movie than projecting one using superior visual effect programming.
It helps save on time as well. The requirement of a king’s palace in the movie does not only need money it demands hell lot of time as well. Can a director afford to invest so much of time before starting the shoot!
Do you have a choice? If you want to let your imagination unfurl you have to make use of visual effects. It is not possible to show dragons and aliens and other impossible things without the aide of various visual effect tools.