Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Job and Scope for Bachelor of Visual Arts [BVA]: How is Bachelor of Visual Arts [BVA] Course Beneficial?

How is Bachelor of Visual Arts [BVA] Course Beneficial?

The Course is beneficial to equip you with the conceptual and technical skills required to work as a contemporary artist or to establish an art, media or design practice.
They will also be well-qualified to work in a wide range of other culture-related fields, including art education and administration, curation, website and interactive design, and publishing.
Candidates will be readily equipped with skills appropriate to the expanding arts industries in fields including illustration, design, video, advertising, film production, education and community activity.
The course will also equip you to pursue an independent studio career working towards exhibitions in commercial galleries and publicly run art spaces.

Bachelor of Visual Arts [BVA] Job Types:

Visual Designer - Common-floor
Graphic Designer
Art Teacher
Associate Art Directo

Salary and Placement for Bachelor of Visual Arts [BVA]:

The minimum salary of an employee with the degree in Bachelor of Visual Arts [BVA] is Rs.3,20,  and the maximum salary may range Rs. 6,00,