Thursday, 5 October 2017

Best Animation Schools

A  list of the best schools for 2D Animation , 3D Animation and Video Game Designs
The following is a list of colleges , universities and animation schools with programs , that would help someone ,  in their pursuit for careers  in the technical direction of the animation industry or the creative side of animation. This list is dedicated to schools , that many animation studios  feel that they cater to the technical direction and to the more artistic field of character animation .

Featured Animation Schools

 The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division

Media Arts & Animation Bachelor's Degree program ,  at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh an Online Division ,  is designed to give students ,  those skills and training , to fill the world with their ideas and color their passions . To reach that level , courses in this program begin with a foundation in drawings , colours , character designing and computer applications .

Under the guidance of industry-experienced faculties , students examine advanced 2-D animation and 3-D animation principles, as well as story development , background designs , scenic layout and special effects . They will also have opportunities  to work with programs with specific softwares ,  such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe After Effects®, and Autodesk® 3Ds Max®.

During their  graduation , students will have an individualized digital portfolio to showcase their creative skills in 2-D design and 3-D design , techniques and abilities ,  in order to pursue end level opportunities ,  in vast  areas including Computer-Generated Lighting , Compositing and Rendering , Storyboard Artists , Texture Artists , Computer Modelers and Computer-Generated Special Effect Artists .

Full Sail University

There's a quality of motion that distinguishes the best animation, and Full Sail's Computer Animation curriculum ,  teaches you the tools and techniques you'll need to achieve that same sense of fluidity in your own art .

At first , you'll learn basic animation skills and the fundamentals of powerful software packages like Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop . You'll then build up on those basics with 2D and 3D techniques :  like character motions , body languages and character rigging , as you use all your artistic skills together with technology , to make your creations come alive .

Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University , which was established in 1929 ,  is the nation's largest accredited private art and design school . It is Located in San Francisco , the epicenter of culture and technology. The Academy of Art University has nearly 16,000 students who develop techniques and knowledgeable work  in the art and design career , to fulfill their dreams.

Students master a unique combination of artistic ability and have business savvy ideas , that attracts some of the best companies in the world. Graduates go on to work in big companies like Pixar, Disney, Sony, Yahoo, Gensler, Apple, Escada, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen and many more.

Animation & Visual Effects - Certificate, AA, BFA & MFA (They are also available online)
Blending precise techniques with digital expertise , our instructors encourage creative experimentation while teaching the fundamentals of drawing, 3D modeling and character animation. Students graduate with jaw-dropping demo reel.

Game Designs  – AA , BFA , MFA 

At the School of Game Design , you'll use your creativity and skills to design games , that will push boundaries , delight senses and leave the user craving for more. Professional game designers , will guide you through all the fundamental game art principles including game engine technology , pre-production and production environments . You will graduate with a strong portfolio that shows skill in traditional drawing , painting as well as 3D modeling. 

Illustrations  – Certificates , AA, BFA, MFA 

Students of school of Illustration , develop expert techniques ,  to convey creativity :  professionally and beyond . Focusing on the subtleties of colour, expression and environment, our instructors teach students how to market themselves and develop a portfolio that leaves no dreams  out of reach.

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