Friday, 6 October 2017

How to Become a Video Game Designer ?

One of the most exciting jobs , out in the market today , is video game designing . Many have this wrong notion and misconception ,  that it would take too much time and skills to accomplish this . Well ! In reality , if you check  with is not like that ! If you are into video games and love spending your leisure ( even in your work time ! ) , playing video games ,  then you have already passed the qualifying stages , in becoming a video game designer . Maybe , for consoles , arcades, or PC’s ; video game designing reaches all these levels . Now, let me explain , some of the basic principles to you , so that , you  get an idea , as to how to make this dream job , work for you , in your favour .

Throughout the years , games have evolved from the simple Atari and first generation Nintendo graphics , to the complex 3D and multi level games of the present . There are just no limits to game designing these days . This multibillion-dollar industry , is ballooning and encompassing other industries at a pace , no one ever thought was possible . A major factor to this , can be attributed to the gamers , who are in their 20's , 30's and have never stopped picking up , on the latest games and game platforms . Walk into any gaming shop and you will find adults mingling with kids , to check out latest releases and trying them out , together !!  So combined with the teenage market , this raving monster , called the Gaming Industry , is targeting adults and teenagers today .

Need for video game design teams ,  have increased dramatically , because of this , there is growth in the industry and there is higher and more demand for better and more creative games by the consumers . Therefore , the overall result , for anyone , trying to enter this industry is not bad at all . If you have the passion and earnest desire to create games ,  then there are a lot of opportunities to do that . Become a video game designer and then you could take part and even play major roles , in producing legendary games such as : Sims , Unreal tournaments and Halos , to name a few .  You can even get a chance , to team up with the best companies and game studios , by becoming a video game designer . If there ever was a time to take that leap of faith , trust your gut instincts ,as this is the right time to do , NOW ! A genuine love for games , is one of the most important qualities , a game designer must possess . Natural love for gaming , spawns creativity and a drive to excel , by producing games , people will endear themselves to . You could even ask yourself a question . Why would I  take up a job , where I do not have the talent and passion for ? Now, if your answer is , I am doing this , because this is what I love to do , then you are the right person for this job  !
This natural passion , even though it is very important , is only one of the aspects  that make a good video game designer . Companies that hire designers , are also looking for someone with good problem solving skills and who are inhumanly patient . There are so many bugs and potential problems , when designing a game that it could drive someone mad . These problems range from collision detection to making things look convincing , animation-wise at least . Many of these complex problems need to be resolved quickly and with ingenuity . You should always strive to improve and innovate the game , at any point of production . This can be profoundly stressful and take up huge amounts of your time , even to the point of exhaustion , but the rewards are more than its worth . The experience brings a completely new meaning to the phrase ,  sleeping on the job!

Being a perfectionist ,  is also a quality , sought after , by many of these gaming companies and studios .  To make sure everything is up to the highest quality of standards and are done as efficiently as possible , in less time than possible , are talents , which are definitely sought after in this fast paced industry . Now, if you have all or even just some of these qualities , then this job is just waiting for you ! So go out , and grab it .

So now , you are ready to proceed and create games huh ? However , wait, you just cannot walk right into one of these companies and apply for this job , if you do not have the skills ! Knowledge about certain things , such as ;  graphic designing , computer animation and game developments , are necessary here. You need very specific training on these and more other elements , in order to be , a certified video game designer . Below is a listing of , where you can get the best training in these areas of expertise . With no further ado , here are some of the premier video game design schools , you will need to enrol in , to become a top, video game designer .

The Art Institute Online : The Art Institute Online courses , have been designed , with extensive input from game-industry professionals and focus on the artistic side of the games , not just  on computer programming . You will concentrate on the specifics needed , as a professional game artist does ; Scene and set designs , Motion capture, Character development , Visual storytelling, Game design strategies , 3D animation , Low-polygon modelling , Game level designs , Texture mapping , etc other words , a lot of  fun stuff !

Full Sail University : You know good video game graphics , when you see them , and if you're interested in a career  , which creates the contents , you see these things on screen , then  Full Sail's Game Art Bachelor's Degree Program , can help you learn the same production methods , used to create 3D art , in the professional gaming industry . This degree program , focuses on the fundamentals of interactive graphics development , including character creation , scene designs , asset production , in-game effects and the physics of motion .

DeVry  University  : Offers something more , towards the programming end of things , with their hot Games and Simulation Programming programs . This should really get your feet , nice and wet. Take it online , or check out the various campus locations .

ITT Technical Institute : The ITT Technical Institute ,  offers a bachelors degree , in Digital Entertainment and Game Designs . Courses in this program , offer a strong foundation , in digital game designs , through the study of subjects ,  such as gaming technology , game design process , animation , level designs  and general education coursework . In addition to this , with over 85 locations nation-wide, there is a possibility , that you can find a school near you .

Westwood College of Technology ( Online ) : Strong creativity , designs , computers and problem solving skills , are the keys to success , in this exciting and growing field . With these specialized skills in mind , Westwood College , has designed a Bachelor s degree program ,  in Game Art and Design .

Digital Media Arts College: Learn from industry experts and from leading companies , such as ; SEGA,  ImageWorks , Disney and more . They are one of the United States' ,  most technologically equipped digital arts colleges . They have the tools and techniques , to empower your creative side of your career .

Digipen Institute of Technology: Located in Seattle , helps you take the first step , towards becoming a video game designer by learning computer science, computer engineering and fine arts degree programs , which were related to the digital entertainment technology .

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