Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Dynamic Simulation: Effects in Animation and Computer Game

Dynamics , is the simulation of motion , through which , the application of the principles of physics are used . Instead of assigning keyframes  to objects to animate them, you can assign physical characteristics , which define how  objects behave in a simulated world . The dynamic bodies are then converted from the objects and created and defined through dynamic attributes .  These then affect how the objects , behave in a dynamic simulation . With the utilization of dynamic simulations, you can create many natural things in an impressive way using effects  to create explosions, floods , storms , tornados , oceans , etc., for animations and computer games  . For this kind of presentation Prof. Xu, overviews  tools and techniques , to simulate and render minute details like : hair , fur , feathers , cloth , liquids , fluid , particles ( both rigid and soft bodies ) to demonstrate the usage of dynamic relationships using editor  . These are to connect and disconnect dynamic relationships , between the dynamic objects , such as : particles, fluids , emitters and non-nucleus collision objects . It gives insight into how ,  to use collision events editor ,  to create collision events for Particles and how to use ,The Sprite Wizard , which simplifies the process , for displaying a texture image or image sequences on Particles . The application of dynamic simulation and effects ,  in animation and computer games , will also be explored .


David Xu , a tenure Associate Professor at Regent University, who specializes ,  in computer 3D Animation and Special Effects. He graduated in MFA Computer Graphics , in 3D Animation from Pratt Institute in NY. He has contributed immensely , when he was  a Senior 3D Animator in Sega , Japan ; and when he was a senior CG Special Effector  in Pacific Digital Image Inc., Hollywood . Apart from serving in all these positions , He was also a Professor of Animation , at several colleges and universities and the entire credit goes to him for developing  3D animation programs and curriculum. He has also been a Committee Member of Computer Graphics Organization, Sig graph Electronic Theater, where he got an award for recognition for his work . Furthermore , He is also an organizing committee member of CG2016 too . He has even written books to guide aspiring students who want to carve a niche for themselves in the animation world . The names of the books are : Mastering Maya :  Special Effects Handbook , sponsored by Shanghai People's , Fine Arts Publishing House.

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