Tuesday, 31 October 2017

What is happening to Animated Movies In 2017 ?

Looking backwards at 2016 and 2017 , as we are on the threshold of a new year 2018 , we can recall with much pride , that it was indeed an impressive year , for animated feature films . It was such a glorious period , that we witnessed , such an awesome twofer ,  from  Walt Disney Animation , along with Zootopia and Moana ; Stop Motion handling was at its best , wherein there was an amazing show ,  with Kubo and the Two Strings , then  My Life as a Zucchini . Apart from newer visual delights,  this year continued to enthral , by taking us back to their originals with their sequels ,   both : Finding Dory and Kung Fu Panda 3 ; Sausage Party , went further to show that animated stuff is not just for kids alone as it provided huge adult laughter as well . And not to mention the one , with a lot of speculation , such as The Angry Birds Movie and Trolls , which managed to go beyond such low  expectations . On the whole , the trend is impressive ,so as to display the continuation of the medium which has developed dramatically since last decade .

Still , the reflection goes on , which leads to a volley of questions , in the wake of such high stellar works , why has 2017 still not been a great , path breaking  year for animated movies ?

While it's true that , the last seven and a half months , we were able to witness a few highlights , which includes , The LEGO Batman Movie and Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, shockingly  were created in such a disappointing manner . It speaks volumes when we mention that  the highest Rotten Tomatoes score , for an animated feature film , this year , goes to Cars 3 , which was scrutinized by critics at large , to be just marginally and slightly better than its predecessor  ( which has remained , as the only Pixar title , with a ' Rotten ' rating . If we exclude the former ones ,which  we had mentioned . Definitely , The Emoji Movie  , which has also got 8% of the Rotten Tomatoes , rating , is the prime target for discussion .  When we take into consideration , Despicable Me 3(61% ) The Boss Baby ( 51% ) , The Smurfs : The Lost Village ( 37% ) then another sequel , The Nut Job 2 : Nutty By Nature  ( 12% ) , it's evident that this is not a child’s play . To cite an example . this works out well for people who use shotguns , not sniper rifles   .

The biggest cause for this bad patch , significantly is the way , modern animated movies are made , for the sake of comparison , such as : major blockbusters . Studios , these days , aren’t  reluctant , to jump into production work , on live-action tent poles , with just three-quarters of the script being ready , but a lot of developmental  works  to be differently managed in the animation medium , with projects , being done over years  . This allowance not only builds up visual experience, but also refines the story. Both : the length of this process and the enormous collaboration necessary , is supposed to eradicate problems  and get feature films , bulletproof and beautifully , but the  premier we've seen so far in 2017 , almost suggests , that something has broken even .

Clearly, this is more than a mere fan gripe, because , the domestic box office numbers , suggest that studios , should really need to pay attention (even in some cases , money from foreign markets  are reasons for certain pitfalls . For instance , different titles have made us expect differently , what has  remained consistent is the franchise titles , which has been  compared in short to predecessors . Of all the " chapter threes " , that we've seen so far in 2017 , Cars 3, Despicable Me 3 and The Smurfs: The Lost Village  : only the second one ,  doesn't currently rank last , in its successive trilogy series , The truth is , Despicable Me 3 , has earned a little bit , more than , the original Despicable Me , here in the United States . Meanwhile,  The Boss Baby , was able to make profit, but the profit numbers for  The Nut Job 2: Nutty  ,by Nature and The Emoji Movie , have got a poor response , in their opening  weeks . Sadly , ideal critical acclaim , hasn't even been a solvent for this bleak period , as in the case of Captain Underpants , which had earned  86% of Rotten Tomatoes , but was out of the box office , Top 10 , by its fifth week of release itself .

Certainly , the silver lining , of all this is, we are only in August, and there is still , ample time for animation , on the whole , to buckle up and dust off , slightly , towards the end of the year. There is certainly , some exciting stuff  , awaiting , including the hilarious looking , LEGO Ninjago Movie and Pixar's Coco, in addition to some surprising facts by Ferdinand and The Star . If not , however, they would bounce back  , and we can expect  many more animated titles , making its way  into theaters in 2018 .

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