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14 Awesome Animation Blogs , you need to peruse

Animators , irrespective of their qualifications , need encouragement and motivation , once a while even if they are considering , being an animator in the future or even looking for opportunities to hone their skills or simply enjoying an amusing cartoon , animation blogs are a huge source of educational , inspirational and entertaining value .

The animation world ,  is constantly evolving , therefore , it’s vital to be abreast in your field rather than wasting hours surfing the internet , just for educational purposes , on the industries latest news , updates and keep a track of the trends . Not just this , to keep tabs , on famous animation blogs , will help you , have a pulse of the industry , within minutes .

But  , the question is , which animation blogs are worth keeping a track of  ? That’s where , we step  into the picture . We recognized a couple of the world’s most renowned blogs , in the animation world , to know what’s worth , to keep yourself occupied with . This collection , will motivate you , as it provides you exactly what you had been looking for , which will take your passion for animation , to the next level itself . Have a look at our selections !

Top Animation blogs

1 . 11 Second Club
Why do we have to follow it ? This blogs conducts ,  a monthly character animation competition , which provides a great opportunity , for aspiring animators in the making , to gain some foothold in the industry . A new audio file , is supplied each month and the competitors  are given a task of animating a character , that approximately , interprets the given  audio. Voting , occurs at the end of each month , to determine the winner , who will get a professional critique , from Animation Mentor.

2 . Animation Anomaly

Why do we have to keep a track on it ?  This blog , was founded  by Charles Kenny , a civil engineer , who had a special fondness for  animation .  Animation Anomaly , offers a unique platform , for the  animation world and concentrates a lot on the future of the industry . Kenny’s posts , include diverse topics  , right from podcasts and predictions ,  to opinions and analysis .

3 . Animation Magazine

Why  should we follow this ? This is the only , official website of Animation Magazine , a publication which covers  all facets of the animation industry . This site , posts regular articles , about everything right from visual effects and digital media , to licensing and tech reviews . In addition to all this , the followers , have access , to a few convenient resources  , like : Job Boards , Event Calendars and Movie Guides.

 4 . Animation Mentor

Why  must we follow this ? This blog was launched by three friends  ,who had a simple question         If we were to start all over again , how would we want to learn ? ” .  They had the urge to link aspiring animators with industry experts , which is the apt purpose of Animation Mentor . It’s chock a bloc with tips and tricks , tutorials and advice , from the pros directly .

5 . Animation Physics

Why should we know this ? This blog is a free educational guide , for all kinds of animators ,right from traditional ones to computer graphics then (CG) to stop-motion . Its aim , is to explain , how the principles and laws of physics , can be applied in the animation world . It accomplishes , its objectives ,  by supplying numerous tutorials  , which are divided into four divisons : Basic Animation , Character Animation , Effects and Character Effects Animation , Lighting and Visual Effects in the end

6 . Animation Scoop

Why must you know  this ? This blog is operated  by Jerry Beck , who is an animation producer and a former studio executive , who had worked with Nickelodeon Movies and Disney . To mention his accomplishments , his expertise , in the industry , shows light on the resources and articles , published on Animation Scoop . Beck and some more contributors , give their valuable insight on upcoming films and other related industry news .

7 . Animation World Network

Why must we keep a track on this ? As per its website , The Animation World Network ( AWN ) is ,    “ The largest animation related publishing group , on the Internet ” , which makes it a must read for animators , irrespective of their backgrounds . This blog , throws light on a wide array of subjects , for instance : Animator Profiles , Licensing , Current Events in the field , CGI and other animation technologies . It’s a boon for job seekers and employers .

8 . Canadian Animation Blog

Why must we keep abreast of it ? This site was started in 2008 , as an online project , to cater to the Canadian Animation Community , as a universal platform , to showcase their work , and has since evolved , as a hub for helpful content , for animators everywhere . It’s a great source for educational and inspirational stuff , as it often  features , Animated Shorts , Event Coverage , Storyboards , Photos and Interviews , from all the industry pros .

9 . Cartoon Brew
Why should we follow ? Cartoon Brew , has been delivering the latest news , trends and ideas , in animation daily , since 2004 . With articles and topics , ranging from traditional techniques : like hand drawn and stop motion , to cutting-edge technology , computer animation and visual effects , there’s something for everyone ,  on this blog . It’s the greatest way , to stay up-to-date , on news from animation empires : like Disney, Dream works and Pixar .

10 . Disney Times

Why must we keep a track of it ? Anyone who is interested in animation , is completely aware of the fact that ,  The Walt Disney Company , is played a key role ,  in taking the animation industry , to higher  and newer levels . The Disney Time’s dedication , in sharing any news , involving anything related to Animation Enterprising , which focuses on Films , Theme Parks , Cruise Lines , Video Games and Merchandise. People who follow this blog will be privileged , as they will be getting to watch the behind-the-scenes look , at one of the most powerful animation studios , in the industry .

11 . Motionographer

Why should we choose this blog ? The aim of this blog is to , “ be a source of inspiration for Filmmakers , Animators and Designers.” This is done by sharing , inspirational work , highlighting influential studios and professionals , who are actively involved in this field and also provide live commentary ,which leads to discussions and brain storming sessions , about the entire creative process . Motionographer  , is also a haven for numerous  tutorials then coverage of all the events , happening in the industry and a never ending supply of motivation .

12 . On Animation

Why should we keep a track of this ? This blog , throws spotlight on a lot of inspirational stuff  , like ….any guesses ?! Right ! on Animation itself !  Apart from the innumerable videos posted everyday for guidance  , people who follow this blog , have access , to exclusive insights and analysis , from the animation experts . The contents on this blog , are divided in such a way , that you can look for information  , as per your requirements .  The blog , “ On Animation “ , is a store house for information on industry events  , then on useful tools and gadgets and finally training programs .

13 . Pixar Times

Why must we follow this blog ? Pixar is undeniably , the biggest name , in the animation game , when it comes to animation nowadays . This blog ,  covers everything  , connected with the animation empire , from the characters and films , to video games and merchandise . The Pixar Times , which is considered as the sister site of The Disney Times , has emerged as a leading provider , of Pixar news , according to its website.

14 . Speaking of Animation

Why should we have a look at it ? This blog , is the by product , of four professional animators , who are working in the industry , at present . Their aim ,  is to give back , to the animation community , what they have achieved , by providing quality education , inspiring the new ones and providing platforms in an entertainment way , through podcasts . This blog , “ Speaking of Animation “ , is a collection of conversations ,  with fellow animators , which gives listeners  , a peek a boo , of the industry.


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