Tuesday, 21 November 2017


This is the most refreshing thing you’ll see today. Woody Woodpecker is probably the most crowd pleasing cartoon in Brazil. Animator Ivanildo Soares has just posted the out come to a group project he perceived – thereby bringing 70 South American animators collectively in order to re-animate a  1960’s classical Walter Lantz  theatrical cartoon with lively & thrilling results.

The authentic cartoon, ‘ The Bird who came to Dinner ‘ is a 1961 Paul Smith short animated movie in which Woody feigns to gain access to a mansion and a free meal, but the plans don’t go as expected. The animator changes frequently, initiating a rare blend of humor. The sound track remains the original English version.

The task had an initial time limit of 30 days, but the making ended up taking nineteen months to finish.  “ In the earlier times each animator had a week to complete his part “ says director Soares, as each scene had a time limit of 2 seconds & the longest was about 8 seconds. Since the cartoon was done just for fun, it was difficult to blend the scenes together as the freelance animators had to balance work & socializing with minute care.

“ Almost all from Brazil, and some gringo buddies moved in. Barbara Oliveira and her friend Joao Rodrigues, are great Portuguese animator buddies !!  Catalina Torres, the super brilliant Chilean animator & Lisa Vertudaches from Australia.

“ If you are  keen to know more about the course of animators, look up the group gallery on facebook.  More details are found on youtube. “  Bravo to all concerned, I simply love it !

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