Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Foundry launches, Nuke 11.1 , with roster of new and enhanced features

Nuke Studio, NukeX , Hiero and HieroPlayer , have been beneficial , from the updated , workflows , in the latest instalment , of Nuke 11 .

LONDON: Foundry has launched Nuke 11.1, which brings forth, new features and updates, to the industry, which has the leading compositing tool.

Nuke 11.1 , takes the next step , for developing continuously this  kind of cutting edge series ,  along with Nuke Studio , NukeX , Hiero and HieroPlayer , who have all been taking benefits , from these features , as they include the latest instalments . Users, at present, can get their work done faster and in an efficient way, with a much more flexible management of files and an easier analysis, of their Nuke scripts.

Key features for this release include:

File localization , system improvements : The  Nuke family’s localization system , has been updated to supply , more granular control over the files , which and when are to be localized ; during the introduction of more visual cues , so as to showcase , the status of the localized files , for a much more intuitive experience . The Python API  , has had an extension , to permit the developers , to  arrange the system modes and the localization of all the policies in a programming way . The API is also able to set the localization as it’s main priority and providing the application of the policies , which are to be based on read node kind and hereby , discard the localised files , in accordance to the specified criteria.

Visual script diagnostics : The way , Nuke has performed with the profiling tools , are at the moment, can be accessed within the UI , which makes the artists job simpler , as they can profile their scripts and identify , areas which are possible to optimize . The new Profile node , captures the performance data  , for all upstream nodes and displays , the results , in a user friendly panel , visually . Profile data , can be easily exported and viewed  , in another session of Nuke  , without the requirement of loading the script or reprofiling it .

Expanded source clip properties in Nuke Studio : The properties for all the sourced clips , in the Nuke Studio and Hiero timeline , have had an extension for offering ,  with more consistent properties , with Read nodes in Nuke . This creates work efficiently ,the workflows , across the Nuke Family . Source clip properties , are now displayed in a Nuke style Properties panel  and this consolidates , all the existing choices , into a single location , which thereby , provides faster accessibility and greater control , besides , the introduction of a more consistent UI and workflow between Nuke and Nuke Studio .

Apart from these source clip properties , which have accessibility , through the same Python API as Nuke , improves the scripting capabilities and reduces the developmental works , which is required to integrate , Nuke Studio into the existing pipelines .

Nuke 11.1 goes live today and will be available for purchase on Foundry’s website and via accredited re sellers.

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